Wednesday, July 07, 2004

THIS JUST IN: New Apt. Bulletin:

1. Apt. found! It's a great location. Exactly 3.4 mi. from Nathan's work, and would you believe 3.4 mi. from mine as well?
2. Has a washer/dryer connection. Which means: we won't have that tearful reunion with the washateria.
3. At Nathan's request: 1st floor so as not to inflame back from lugging heavy musical devices.
4. At Amy's request: Has a deck so as to continue her container gardening ventures.
5. At Nathan's request: Has a kitchen that is actually larger than a closet.
6. At Amy's request: Two bathrooms so she gets her own.
7. Other good things: Complex has 2 pools plus a hot tub! Small storage room off deck so we can get what we have OUT of storage unit and stop paying to own STUFF. Large walk-in closet, which will feel like its own room after what we have now.
8. And last but not least...after looking at the actual unit we'll be in, I saw a small tree on the deck and thought, Oh the current tenet must still be there, because he/she/they have a tree. Turns out, it's growing out of the ground, so we actually have a small tree ON our deck. Add twinkle lights and some nice wine. Ahhhh.

Now I can really relax and enjoy my summer....

Or start packing.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies

makes me think of POLLYANNA. What a great childhood favorite of mine, except I think it might have been just as beautiful of a story if she had never fallen out of the tree and been paralyzed trying to sneak out with Jimmy Bean to the bazaar....
My personal favorite scene has always been the shopping in town scene. All those clothes, the shoes with all the buttons, the hats, the stockings, ahhh. And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

Back in Austin. It was nice to be gone for awhile. Nice, in a strange way, to miss everyone. Now on to the task at hand...where to live in a month's time?
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