Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Amy Russell(s) Project

OK, so after a search tonight, I found that there are 89 Amy Russells on Twitter.

Yes, I'm one of them. But that leaves 88 other Amy Russells! (And that's not even counting my lovely little sister-in-law who was Amy Russell long before I was, and she isn't even on Twitter.)

So, I was just thinking I'd follow one Amy Russell a day ....for the next three months. And maybe I'll make some other Amy Russell friends, and put them in their own Tweetdeck column and everything. Maybe eventually, we can even institute an International Amy Russell Convention for all the fabulous Amy Russells all over the world! But, it's a bit early to be talking conventions, right? Let's just start with following one a day.

A big welcome goes out to my first Amy Russell Twitter friend, Amy_EntWined of Encounter Bay, South Australia!

Which Amy Russell will make the cut tomorrow?
This is more dramatic than Project Runway.

Oh yeah.
P.S. If your name is Amy Russell and you're on Twitter, but you're a porn star, I probably won't follow you. Not because I judge you or your life choices, just because I don't enjoy the tweets of porn stars. Nothing personal.

Update: 11/13/09
Welcome to the newest Amy Russell, amykruss of Denton, Texas, who loves herself some cupcakes!

Update: 11/15/09
Welcome to the first girl to get her REAL name (Amy Russell) on Twitter, amyrussell who is quite funny and another Amy Russell, genxflower whose friend request is pending. If she doesn't agree to accept her part in our Amy Russell Project, well... I suppose I'll have to move on to the next Amy Russell, won't I?

Update: 11/16/09
Welcome to another lovely Amy Russell, amyrussel who loves NYC and Russell Brand, the fab actor/comedian/writer.

Update: 12/3/09
As you might have noticed, I haven't updated in a little while. That's because even though there are 88 other Amy Russells out there on Twitter, many of them fall into the category of people that I normally wouldn't follow.

Maybe because they haven't ever tweeted more than once, or maybe because they only tweet about how to make money on social media, or their only hobby is watching cage fighting or whatever. So I've learned a valuable lesson here. Some people may not have anything in common with you, other than your name.
(cue music: "The moorrrre you knooooowwww...")
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