Saturday, July 03, 2010

Here's to a sweet weekend.

Whether you're with family, friends or a sweet little furry companion, hope you're having a weekend filled with loveliness.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Favourites: London Calling

1. Red plaid

2. Wellies

3. Fog

4. Red phonebooths

5. Shepherd's Pie
As if potpie wasn't already completely delicious, let's go ahead and just put some mashed potatoes on top, shall we?

Bonus: Twiggy!
One of my absolute favorite models.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Adventures in Polaroidland

So, I've been scouring Ebay for the last few months for this camera.

It's a Polaroid SX70 Land Camera, but not just any Polaroid, oh no. It's a Polaroid Land Camera 1000 Supercolor Onestep with a matching Q-Light flash (I had to look the name up), the much sought-after 1977 white Polaroid Camera with rainbow stripe and red shutter button, a.k.a. the cutest Polaroid camera known to man.

You can find the camera body here and there, but with the matching flash? They are completely unattainable-- unless you're willing to take the camera with some random flash that doesn't match or unless you have the time and moolah to engage in bidding wars on Ebay.
Luckily, I have tenacity in spades.
Earlier this week , we ran across this little gem on Ebay, and the planets all aligned, because there was a too-good-to-be-true "Buy Now" button right next to it.

Now you might be thinking, "Sure, the cammie's adorable, but what film do you intend to use in it? Polaroid stopped making film like three years ago, right?"
Yes, right!

But as luck and Polaroid enthusiasts would have it, the planets also aligned a while back in the form of The Impossible Project. Since March 23 of this year, this little group began to produce new film to use in vintage Polaroid cameras.

They even saved the last Polaroid production plant in the Netherlands and worked through tons of technical problems along the way.
Their story is the stuff inspiration is made of.

The Impossible Project has also teamed up with one of our faves, Photojojo, and you can buy the Impossible Project Polaroid film at the Photojojo store.

Obviously, we needed Polaroid film for our new/old Polaroid camera, so I ordered film from Photojojo AND film from The Impossible Project, because we weren't sure which one would be quicker.
I'll let you know who wins.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A new (and totally unexpected) medium for art

Yes, quilts!

At my friend Kathryn's mom's house, I recently saw this amazing art piece that was... get this... quilted!
(I know that quilts have been used for generations to tell stories in pictures and remember family by using pieces of their clothes. This small quilt was different, in that it was treated more like a painting-- under glass and in a frame.)

The colors, textures and patterns were fabulous! I was so surprised and amazed. Kathryn's mom said it was a custom piece made by an artist named Meg Prange.

The piece I saw was similar to this:

Here are some of her other works that I really like:

So, I have this little idea...

I'm thinking about picking a really well-known piece of modern art, and asking Meg if she'd do an interpretation of it, quilted.
How amazing would that be?

I think something really recognizable, like Warhol's soup can.

Kandinsky's circles

Rothko's famous color blocks

The geometric goodness of Mondrian

Or maybe my favorite Chagall, "The Walk"

What do you think of these modern paintings in quilt form, framed and hung on the wall? Is there one that would work best?
I think it'd be such a cool, and totally unique piece of art.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today I'd like to feature one of my favorite blog features.

It's from Design*Sponge and it's called Living In [insert movie title here].

Every installment of Living In captures what makes that film so unique stylistically, and then showcases items that you could surround yourself with, if you wanted to feel like you were "living in" that movie. I so wish I'd thought of this!

Some of my favorite Living In installments have been
The Darjeeling Limited

Pride and Prejudice

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Julie and Julia

A Christmas Story

National Velvet

Edward Scissorhands

To see more Living In goodness, go here.
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