Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer in the city.

Erika doesn't fully realize just how great she is. I know this for a fact.
One small example I can tell you right off the bat is that she and Rob came down for little visit about a month and a half ago.
When they were here, they forced us all to go out to the pool, (which we had made friends with last summer, but were not really "clicking with" this summer). At the pool, Rob and Erika led us in a series of relay races with these dive toys they had, and I'll go ahead and say it. It was not only fun, it burned calories. After Erika and Rob had to go back to their city, we rekindled our relationship with the pool, and even purchased some dive toys of our very own.

Also, I would like Erika to know that we assigned point values to each of our dive toys in the order of the most dangerous, with a man being 50 and a sea horse being 10. Sharks are 40, and so on. Some might argue that sharks are more dangerous than man, but come on. Have you seen the planet lately? Also, Erika, if you're reading this, I would like to suggest a new game. You have someone throw ALL the toys at once and then dive under to get as many as you can before they hit the bottom. A variation of this game is for one person to throw the toys in 3-5 second intervals at whoever is diving. They can breathe and surface as much as they want, but can't get toys once they hit the bottom. Nathan is pretty good at this, and throws the toys back out at me, and most of the time of the time they stay in the pool area.

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