Saturday, January 17, 2009

When you invent a hybrid word

please do NOT combine two words that mean exactly the same thing. Because then, the meaning of the new word isn't anything new at all. For example, the word "chillin" and the word "relaxin" mean the same thing. SO the word "chillaxin"? It doesn't mean anything new at all. And it makes everyone think of cold laxatives.

Also, picture someone really intelligent, like Marilyn Vos Savant, saying the word. Could you picture her saying "bromance"? I think not.

It also helps if your hybrid word relates to current events. I recently heard the word "staycation" which I guess is a vacation you take at home where you don't travel anywhere due to the failing economy.

But, my favorite all-time hybrid word is one that I've heard for years, and is still relevant. I'm talking about the word "cankles." Ladies, you know exactly what these are. And how we all say a little silent prayer at night that we won't develop them. Why, XX chromosomes? WHY?!
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