Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 37 or Sears Wish Book*

*my birthday/Christmas wishlist (not limited to this year, of course!)

1. 1955 Royal Deluxe Pink Typewriter
Super hard to find. This sweet little typewriter belongs in my typewriter collection (which currently only has two typewriters, but that's beside the point). I've fully accepted that it'll take a while to track down. One day it will be mine!

Pretty, no?

2. custom address stamp
I looooove stamps. As a teacher, I have tons of them. This little address stamp will add a special touch to cards and letters. Even business mail that we send out will be a little cuter!

3. fancy picnic basket
I've wanted a fancy picnic basket for a little while now. The best ones have a spot for bottle of wine (or two).

4. very boring, yet very useful milk frother
This little bugger represents the practical part of my wishlist. We have an amazing espresso machine, but the milk frother part is kind of messed up. But, it still makes the most incredible espresso I've ever had at home! So this little device is much more practical than buying an entire new espresso machine.

5. sequined tulle scarf (in pewter)
Because every winter you need scarves, and who said they shouldn't be sequined with tulle? Sounds like it might not be the most comfortable, but I'm willing to bet J. Crew thought of that, and used some kind of fairy dust to make it super comfortable. The perfect scarf to match my white OR my black coat.

6. a diana lens
This lens is a little bit of a novelty. But I can't get over the retro look it gives photos! How cool would it be to use
this lens on shoots with Nathan, and add to his shots?

7. this sky umbrella
My amazing mom bought me this cool umbrella about five years ago. Sadly, I took it to work all the time, and one of those times, I misplaced it and/or it was stolen. It's one of those things that I think of rebuying for myself sometimes.

As cool as it looks in this photo, it's even cooler in person. And on grey, rainy days, it really makes you smile!

What's in your Sears Wish Book* this year?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the what?!

I was having kind of a crap day when Nathan texted me that my street style blog (The Style Co-Op, the one that the ever-fabulous, ever-stylish Sandhya and I co-operate) was nominated for an Austin Blogger Award!

I seriously feel like one of those first-time actresses who says to the camera, "It's truly an honor just to be nominated. To be in the same category as these other amazing ladies..." etc, etc. Because the other style bloggers in our category have been doing this WAY longer than we have. We've been here since... well, October.

Good luck to everyone! And pssst, if you have a second, we'd love for you to vote for our little Style Co-Op. Well, OK. We'll love you either way.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Dose of Cuteness, vol. 15

These felt creations, ala Steff Bomb. Her shop is closed for just a bit longer while she's on vacay, but should be open in time for Christmas! Read the Modcloth feature on Steff Bomb here.

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