Monday, August 30, 2004

I could bore you

with all the minute details of the two and a half weeks of school so far (every single day great with only one exception), giving you detail upon detail about my new room set-up, parent/teacher conferences, and back-to-school night turn-outs, but I won't.

I love my job. I don't know how long I'll teach or how long we'll be here in Austin, or whatever. But for now things are great, and I'm happy.

The biggest dilemma I have right now is...brace yourself...wondering if I should venture into the world of a CLASSROOM PET.

So far the only animals I've even considered are fish and maybe, just maybe a turtle. Even then, you have to deal with the potential that the animal will get sick, or die, not to mention the weekend trips home with different kids in an effort to teach them responsibility while the poor animal is terrorized by curious cats and/or mauled by jealous pitbulls. Not to mention salmonella.

On second thought, fish may be the perfect classroom pets.
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