Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 50

Wait a second. Volume 50? That's kind of nuts. And to think, I mainly started this little installation to help me post regularly. Which it has. To celebrate turning 50, I think I'ma fix my posts so that my images show up in Google Reader. I tried to fix it once before, but I'm not that tech-savvy. OK, tech-savvy is relative. I'm probably tech-savvy compared to most senior citizens. Not compared to most other early-thirties. Anyway, here's to pretty pictures in Google Reader! Happy Fiftieth, Friday Favorites!

1. boathouses

2. madras plaid

3. Just Dance 2 on wii
Because cardio should be fun. And because this game is so fun to play by yourself, with friends, or with your parents and extended family on New Year's Eve. Trust us on this one.

4. old-fashioned swimcaps

5. Frameworks posters by Moxy Creative

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why our mailman hates us.

We once went so long without checking our mailbox that we received a large bundle of mail, rubberbanded on our doorstep with a sticky note attached that said, "Check your mail more."

Probably a good idea.
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