Saturday, March 05, 2005

Reasons I'm feeling very happy right now...

1. Spring Break is only one week away.
2. Even though we have temporarily lost our blog pics (see left) I have not, I repeat HAVE NOT lost my book that I was storing on the idisk. Which I am no longer storing on the idisk.
3. Just picked up a sound machine from the Sharper Image to play nice noise to fall asleep to.... Ahhh. Our favorite right now is fireside, which makes a wonderfully crackly sound.
4. I'm watching a bunch of the behind-the-scenes footage of the Lord of the Rings. Fantastic.
5. I just found a half-full box of Thin Mints in the back of the pantry.
6. I am right now eating the Thin Mints with a glass of cold milk.
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