Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 63

1. pocket squares

2. sangria

3. reading the paper

4. s'mores

5. outdoor movie screenings

I can't wait for the temps to drop so we can have movie screenings in our backyard. It's going to be AMAZING. Yes, s'mores will be involved. Probably also gourmet popcorn. You know, traditional movie food only fancied-up a bit.

Monday, August 29, 2011


is my new watchword.

My fabulous blogger friend Tolly wrote about how she focused on a New Year's Word as opposed to a New Year's Resolution. I love this concept. Because of teaching, I often think of years as running with the school year-- from fall to the beginning of summer. So why not pick a New Year's Word now? Especially because I've really honed in on one: Listen.

The fact is, I love to talk. There's a reason that I'm a reading specialist and a writer. I love words! I process things by talking about them, and I even find myself saying things to people so they know I'm relating to them. So they know I'm listening and connecting. Instead of, um, you know. Just listening.

This year I want to:

Listen to those around me.
Listen to my body when it needs something.
Listen to nature and the sounds of the planet.
Listen to those who need help.
Listen to stories from the past.
Listen to ideas different than my own.
Listen to the unlistened-to.

Stop talking. And just listen.
I hope that in the end, I say fewer words.
But that they mean more.

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