Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 53, a day early

1. outdoor dinner parties

2. English ivy
Yes, I know it's really, really bad for trees and walls. But isn't it beautiful?

English ivy AND red geraniums? Pretty sure this restaurant is heaven.

3. crestview doors
I had practically given up on the words "cool exterior door" going into the same sentence. Then, we found Crestview doors. Great mid-century design, easy to DIY and they're local! The only problem we're going to have is which design to pick.

4. Blue Q water bottles

5. red (or as it appears to me, pink) yucca

BONUS: fried yucca with queso
Decidedly not on our diet, but one of my favorite treats from Sao Paulos, which is on our list of places for fabulous cheat meals. If you're going there, kindly get yourself a basil mojito to go along with that fried yucca.


Amy and Nathan Buy a House! Update
(for those of you who aren't on Twitter, mainly)

In a whirlwind of events, we've made a offer on our favorite house and it went through inspection like a champ. Today we're in ESCROW. And before you know it, we'll be inviting all of you lovely people over for cocktails! Maybe even an outdoor dinner party (see above). Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Sara KG said...

CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!! Super exciting :) We're still on the hunt for the right one... Also, I share your love for yucca + Sae Paulo's

amy said...

Sara-- Thanks!!! That makes the second restaurant we both love, more proof positive that we're supposed to be friends! :) I'll send you lots of luck in your home search. Luck was for sure on our side in our search. Not that everything's finalized.... I'm still holding my breath and trying not to jinx it until everything is a done deal. :)

Your Host said...

1) Friday favorites is a wonderful idea. When i was in grad school, I did something similar to help myself realize how lucky/happy I was.
2) OMG outdoor dinner parties. Those pics have got me just itchin' for one.
3) A house! A house! A house! That's so exciting! Congrats!

mapelba said...

Super congrats in the house! I know it will be amazing.

Laurel said...

Woo-hoo! House!

I have a yucca in my front yard that's all bloomin' like that. I always forget what it's called, so thanks!

amy said...

Your Host-- Thanks! I started doing Friday Favorites as a weekly installment to get myself to blog more, and because I guess I just get so inspired by so many random things. It absolutely has taken shape of things I appreciate, admire and find beauty in. :)

Marta-- Thank you so much! It's happened so fast, I just want to pinch myself. It'll be sad to not be neighbors anymore, but Joe's isn't terribly far from the new place... :)

Laurel-- Did you plant the yucca? I see it everywhere, which makes me think it grows really well here in Austin (which is what I need, since I don't exactly have a green thumb). Do you know if it's a perennial? We'll have to have a yucca convo soon. Ooh, and a house convo soon, too!

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