Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Favorites: feeling French

Other than the bluebonnets, that is. Or should I say,
1. bleu bonnettes

2. finger waves

She's got Bette Davis eyes.

3. exposed zippers

4. fleur de lis

5. espresso over ice cream

Did you know that this delicious treat has a proper name in Italy? It's called affogato. Delicioso!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

There's this little game we like to play.

It's simple. You all take turns naming a famous person you're attracted to who may not fit the cultural stereotype of "attractive." I happen to love this game, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's really fun to own up to the crushes you have who don't quite fit the norm of "crush-worthy." Let's be honest: there are a ton of really amazing, talented, appealing people in the world who don't look like Brangelina.

This past weekend, we had our favorite Marrieds visit, and in the midst of all the eating and playing around town, we played this game. I'd like to share a few of the names that came up, although I'll never tell who said what.

1. Alan Rickman

I must confess, this was one of mine. Maybe it's his accent. I can't explain it and I don't think I should have to.

2. Bill Murray

3. Fionnula Flanagan

4. Philip Seymour Hoffman

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

OK, OK. I feel a little bad including SJP here. Not only has she been my imaginary BFF for years, but I just don't believe she belongs on this list. At the same time, I've heard from a ton of people who don't think she's quote-unquote conventionally pretty, so there you have it.

6. Woody Allen

7. Ronald Reagan

You guys! Yes, I loved President Reagan back in the day, but I had no idea he was so foxy in his pre-president years. Check him out! That doesn't look like Nancy to me...

Anyone else you think should join the list?

Monday, April 05, 2010

I don't take naps every day.

Let's say one out of every three or four days? It's not a bad ratio.

Today, it was getting late, nearly 6:00, and I thought that I might have missed my napping window. Then I was like... wait a second! There IS no window.

I fully believe napping is a right, not a privilege.

On the subject of sleeping (how's that for a transition?) I discovered this app not long ago.  You set it for the latest time you can wake up, and then it detects (based on your movements) your lightest stage of sleep and wakes you up within a 30 minute window.  It's kind of spooky how well it works.  It totally solves the problem of feeling groggy when your alarm goes off.
One caveat: if you have kids or dogs (we have schnauzers) who might wake you up before your alarm goes off, your iphone may think you're in a light stage of sleep, when you're really just dealing with your dogs, or kids or vermicomposting bin or whatever the case may be. 

Whether you enjoy napping, sleeping in or going to bed early, good sleep is a beautiful thing. 

To think, in the olden days, a nap for a working woman looked something like this: 

Turn-of-the-century artist Julian Dupre says so much in this woman's expression.  Maybe she's saying to herself, "It's been too long since my last mani-pedi." Or even, "Thank god my DVR is recording Bravo right about now." The interpretation is entirely up to the viewer. That's what I love about art. 

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Poll #1 results are in

Which is the creepiest?
You said...
14% - People who make eye contact for too long.
19% - Beat-up white vans without windows on the sides.
23% - Possums. Even possum babies.
43% - Strangers who walk behind you too closely.
(I think I lost a percentage point in there, but I'd like to blame that on Blogger, not my own math.)

It's official. Strangers who walk behind you too closely are creepier than possums.  Even possum babies.

Vote now on the new weekly poll!
The question for this week is: If you were to see Miley Cyrus in the mall, the most appropriate course of action would be to...

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