Thursday, September 15, 2005

Should I be worried

that I welled up with tears last night when Ryan was voted off "So You Think You Can Dance"?
For anyone who doesn't know or hasn't yet been hooked on the show, he was this super-cute, spikey-haired breakdancer. He wowed everyone with his Mambo and Salsa, but just couldn't bring it with his hip-hop, fox-trot or lyrical routine. Sniffle. Good-bye little Ryan. America loved you. And I loved you.
The question is, do I love you more than I love Artem? Or Jamille?

And for all you high-and-mighty, I'm-too-good-to-watch-reality-television people (or, for that matter, any of the three people who read my blog) do not judge me lest you be judged by any of the crappy judges on the show itself.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Can I just say

how fabulous all three Lord of the Rings films are? (Or, you may consider them one very looooong film, which is also fine.)
This weekend I didn't grade a single paper.
I didn't go up to my classroom to organize, clean or file.
I slept in late.
And I watched all three extended cuts of the LOTR trilogy.
I hope I'm not turning into some kind of a nerd?
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