Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Anthropologie, etc.

Updates, since I haven't blogged regularly, and am very into lists right now.

1. We are close to Thanksgiving. This was even a three day weekend, if you count the inservice I had today.

2. I was afraid that my wallet had been taken out of my school bag yesterday, but found it exactly where I left it at home. It was a relief, because I had accepted the possibility that it was stolen. Lesson of the day: Trust is emotional.

3. It had gotten nice and chilly. Now hot again. "WHA HAPPEN'D?"

4. Tomorrow morning--ok, afternoon--I plan to happily explore the new Anthropologie store downtown, and maybe even buy this gorgeous dress I've had my eye on. If it fits, naturally.

5. This Sunday night for family, we might just have a dance party. I wish I could type "dance party" in bright colors and animate the letters so they wiggled, with little confetti pieces all around. Does anyone know how to do that?

6. If we do have a dance party, I think I should wear my new party dress.
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