Sunday, November 19, 2006

Feeling a little bit better.

Not quite back to my usually annoyingly energetic self, but better than last week.
Sick is not good, but here are some things that make it nicer:
1. Watching old movies, especially musicals.
2. Consuming things that I normally would never want, such as Jello, plain Saltines, and Sprite.
3. Going back to work and having a mediocre day that turned into a beautiful day when Nathan had a gorgeous vase of flowers delivered. I would post a picture here so that everyone could see just how gorgeous they are, but that would mean bugging Nathan to help me do that, and that doesn't seem very thankful, now does it? Also, it's interesting that beautiful flowers can make a girl really feel beautiful.
4. Watching the Food Network, and wishing I was friends with all the people, especially Nigella Lawson, Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, Giada De Larentes, Paula Dean, Mario Batalli and the rest of them.
5. Exploring the new IKEA, which we visited this weekend. Twice.
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