Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Faves: Only slightly obsessed with the 1950s

1. Modern Mobiles by Flensted

2. Circle Skirts

The only down side to circle skirts is it's dangerous to wear them on windy days. I've had Marilyn moments more than I'd care to admit in circle skirts. But they're worth the risk.

3. Rotary Phones

4. Patent Leather

A word of caution: Beware searching google images for "patent leather." Just sayin.

5. Rhubarb Pie

I never really loved pies until I tasted rhubarb. It's almost more tart than sweet, and absolutely perfect.
My good friend Stacy makes the most fabulous rhubarb pie. She professes that it's really easy, but based on how delicious it is, I don't believe her for a second.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'd rather be called a bitch than a nerd.

Today I honed in on my trigger word: nerd.

I said something silly today to a coworker and she walked out of my office, laughing. Then she threw a word over her shoulder, "Nerd."
My smile drooped. I felt sad and well, nerdy.
I probably wouldn't have even stopped to think about it, except the same thing happened to me a couple months back on Facebook! An old friend from elementary school wrote on my wall, "You're still a nerd."
OK, yes, she wrote it in response to my claim that if Jane Austen were alive today, she'd totally be my BFF. I suppose that may have been asking for it, but it still made me feel kind of bad and like I was the last one picked for teams at kickball or something (which I always was, by the way).

In school, the number one word I was called was "nerd." I heard it at least once every single day circa fifth to ninth grade. Sometimes it was me who was using the word. But it's still a label. Other labels that flew around in the air on a regular basis were: fat, stupid, ugly, slut. Plus many others. You may remember them. By all accounts, the word "nerd" isn't so bad at all. It just so happens it's the one that was directed at me and the one I maybe even labeled myself. Weird.

After thinking through these awkward leftover middle school feelings, I decided to just own it. Be a nerd! Take the word back. Now I just need to get this shirt to complete my moving forward process.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What would Dorothy Gale do?

If DG were to pick out some glammy new ruby slippers, do you think she'd go for these
Moda Spana Patent Platform Peep Toe Pumps
sale $49 (regular $79)


do you think she'd go for these
Christian Louboutin Metallic Patent Pumps?
regular $585

The real question boils down to this:
Is Dorothy Gale more TJ Maxx or more Saks?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One more reason I love Craigslist.

Today I scored this incredible vintage Olivetti studio 44 typewriter.

I found out it was made in Italy in 1952.
I found out that Ralph Ellison and Tennessee Williams wrote on the same model.
I found out that they sell between $200 and $425.

Guess how much I paid for mine? Ten bucks, dahling!
I'm already picturing the fab photoshoots that will feature this little beauty. Stay tuned...

If you crave the sound of a typewriter, but are stuck firmly in 2010, you can download this app that makes your keyboard sound like a typewriter! (Only works for macs.) Luckily, the sound is adjustable so you don't have to annoy your significant other or friends more than necessary.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Great White Skirt Project: before

a while back I bought this white pleated skirt. By "a while back," I mean seven years ago.
It came from the first Isaac Mizrahi line for Target, if I remember correctly. Now they have tons of amazing designers working with them (I mean, have you seen the stuff from Jean Paul Gaultier?).

I think I wore the white skirt once. Maybe twice.
It always felt like a cross between a private-school uniform and tennis set.
Here is said skirt:

I've been thinking a lot about dying it, although I've never done it before. I did watch this great little tutorial courtesy of Elizabeth Gleeson over at Emerging Thoughts that makes me feel less scared of using dye. In fact, it made me feel downright eager to try it.

As of now, I'm leaning toward red.

Or maybe green.

Or the perfect shade of pink.

Or maybe (and this is the farthest out for me) bright yellow.

If you've ever dyed clothes before, I'd greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.
Also, (and perhaps even more important) what color would you dye this white skirt if it were yours?
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