Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here's to a fearless weekend.

Fearlessness has been a recent topic of conversation with some of my friends.
I feel fearless most of the time. What about you?
Is fear ever a good thing?
And can someone who's naturally timid become more fearless, just by practicing?
Penny for your thoughts.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 23

Even if summer vacation is over, summer is most definitely still here.

1. Arnold Palmers
Half lemonade, half iced tea. Fully delicious. I especially love the ones made with flavored teas, like raspberry or mango.

BONUS: We were recently introduced to Sweet Tea Vodka, which makes an excellent addition to any Arnold Palmer. (Thanks, Rami!) We love Austin-made Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, and here are enough recipes to get you through the rest of the summer.

2. Rectangular Swimming Pools
When I imagine our future vacation home, I picture a pool out back. It's rectangular.

3. Converse All-Stars
Before there were heels, there were Converse All-Stars. I still have my All-stars from college, and I think it's safe to say they've gone past the point of broken-in cool. They're completely falling apart, but I still love them. (BONUS: It's super fun to tell students at school that I have shoes that are older than they are.)

4. Adirondack chairs
I fully intend to have a couple of these classic beach chairs at the future vacation home I mentioned. On the porch, deck or poolside. They'll look fabulous anywhere.

5. Smocking

BONUS: Are you a seamstress or in-training to be one? Check out these instructions on American smocking and this honeycomb smocking tutorial.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brett, you got it goin' on.

Rhetorical question:
How much do you love Flight of the Conchords?

Follow-up rhetorical question:
Can you believe they only made two seasons?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Dose of Cuteness, vol. VI

Remember these Fisher Price Little People?

Lots of my friends had the farm, although we didn't. I do remember the barn doors would make a mooing sound when you opened them.

We had the airplane, and my grandma had the airport. There was only enough space in the plane for four or five people, so it was totally a private jet. Those Little People must've been making bank!

One of my very favorites was the school.

And remember those merry-go-rounds? If you spun them too fast, the little people would fly out.

Gotta love those Little People!
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