Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 52

1. tulips
Nathan surprised me with the most gorgeous tulips today at work!

*sigh* I love him. A lot.

2. cloches

3. ugly dolls
As a full-fledged adult, I no longer have any stuffed animals. But every now and then (OK, mainly when I'm sick or Nathan's out of town) I want to squeeze and cuddle a stuffed animal. I've loved Ugly Dolls ever since I first saw them at Bookpeople. It may be time to buy a stuffed animal.

4. porch swings
This week, we helped one of Nathan's most fabulous coworkers celebrate her birthday at Red House. It was so fun, and the perfect cheat meal for our week. Red House has a drink called a Porch Swing which is tea, lemon, Titos and peach nectar. It's so good, you guys. It's what an Arnold Palmer wants to be. How perfect would it be sip a Porch Swing while lounging on a porch swing?

5. mixed prints
Yes, it's been trendy for a while. Still hard for me to get my head around mixing prints, but I especially like florals or geometric prints with gondolier stripes. I think the reason it's hard for me to feel comfortable with this trend is I almost feel like it's what you would've worn in elementary school for Mismatch Day. You know?

I'm going to try mixing some prints this week. Just to try something new. Also to see how many people look at me funny at work.
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