Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Top Ten '80s Boy Crushes....

In no particular order...

1. Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. Really, is there anything cuter than Michael J. Fox hanging onto the back of a truck riding his skateboard in Back to the Future? If that didn't win you over, there's always his famous lipsync rendition of "Johnny Be Good" later on in the movie.

2. Richard Dean Anderson as Macgyver. Yes, he had a mullet. But he could also make a bomb out of a stick of gum and a ballpoint pen.

3. Harrison Ford as Han Solo. There are two kinds of girls, the Luke Skywalker Girls, and the Han Solo Girls. I know what side I'm on.

4. Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains. The curly mop-top. The devilish grin. Who would have thought all that promise would turn out as the lead of the Left Behind movie adaptation?

5. Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Theo Huxtable. You sure were cute while getting into those friendly little misadventures.

6. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I've heard there's some sort-of new Young Indiana Jones. Honestly, why did they even try?

7. Ralph Macchio as "Daniel-son" in the Karate Kid. Even today, people everywhere reinact that odd-looking signature kick in the final scene. And what a final scene it was.

8. Matthew Broderick in Ferris Beuller's Day Out. And even before there was Ferris Beuller, there were WarGames.

9. Harrison Ford as himself.

and finally...

10. Johnny Depp. The number one reason to run home after school and watch 21 Jump Street. I can still hear the theme music.
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