Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 54

Disclaimer: Quite a lot of these Friday Favorites contain things related to interior design. In fact, you might as well know that for the next couple of weeks, that will be the case. I'm sort of house obsessed. OK, a lot house obsessed.

1. spine bookcases

2. diners

BONUS: coffee mugs from diners

3. pedestal sinks

4. malm woodburning stoves
Our (hopefully-soon-to-be new house) has a wood-burning stove in the living room, which is nice and homey. The thing is, the style of the stove is so rustic that it doesn't match our stuff AND it doesn't fit the time period of the house (1963). So, Nathan and I are planning to take out the old stove, pass it on to his folks who are building a cabin in Colorado (how perfect will that be?) and eventually maybe replace the stove with one of these amazing, modern Malm stoves.

5. food trailers

BONUS: Food Shark in Marfa, Texas. My favorite food trailer, ever.

BONUS BONUS: Marfalafel from Food Shark. I was never a huge falafel person, but I ordered this because it was one of their signature dishes. Now I find myself daydreaming from time to time, just wishing I had a Marfalafel. Or at least the recipe.

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