Monday, January 09, 2006

Family night is always

a highlight of my week.
You'd think we all would see each other all the time, (which is sometimes true, but most often not the case), so it's great to have a set-aside time just to see each other, eat a yummy meal, and watch Desperate Housewives, when it's new, that is.

Last night was not a let down in the slightest.
The show was new.
The meal was smoky maccaroni and cheese with apples (by request), and then, during coffee, we all got to talking about our weekends....

I was proud to announce that during my free time on Saturday, I diligently learned two dance routines from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The second disc in the deluxe edition (Thank you again to my fabulous little sister, the first Amy Russell) has a feature where you can learn the Agustus Gloop dance AND the Violet Beauregarde dance which are performed by the Oompa Loompas. Oh yes. I learned not one, but both dance routines. Why, you ask? Because I thought it would make me feel good. And it did.

What I didn't really expect (but should have seen coming) was that everyone would want me to perform the dance routines, right there on the spot. Well, I have no shame, and I really must say that I put heart into the choreography.

At least it made everyone laugh.
Even if it does confirm that I'm a total dork.
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