Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Favorites: vol. 18

1. birdcage veils
I love the trend toward vintage-looking birdcage veils. Such a fabulous nod to the 1940s.

May I present my gorgeous friend Kathryn? We had the privilege to shoot her wedding in Iowa about a month ago, and everything about the wedding was pure fabulosity.


2. atlases
Growing up, one of my favorite books was my parents' gigantic atlas. We'd open it up on the floor, and pore over it for hours. And while I never excelled at geography (unfortunately), I've always loved traveling to new places.

Mom surprised me this last Christmas with a gigantic atlas for us to put on our own bookshelf.
Thanks, Mom!

3. This skirt by Emerson Made, which is quite possibly the most perfect skirt of all time. I think it's so classic-- could totally be worn by Grace Kelly on a casual day.

I just can't decide between the salmon or the buttery yellow. Perhaps both?

4. topiaries
Since I can't keep even the most low-maintenance plants alive, I'm not sure how I would fare with a pretty topiary. OK, OK, I know. I'd kill it. But not before it grew completely out of shape. But a girl can dream, can't she?

5. creamy peanut butter
Our HEB has this amazing machine that literally crushes raw peanuts into the most delicious, natural peanut butter. Also, I love creamy peanut butter on toast. It spreads perfectly and gets all melty, whereas chunky peanut butter rips the bread and stays clumpy.

I have a particular affinity for peanut butter and banana sammies, but I don't turn my nose up at PB&J, especially when it's made with my favorite jam.

Bonus: The most delicious jam known to man: the classic Four Fruits Preserves by Bonne Maman

What are the four fruits, you ask? Cherries, strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries. We always have a jar of this jam in the fridge, and when we start to run low, I buy a back-up immediately. It makes delicious PB&J, but also is really nice on toast with butter and a little sprinkling of sea salt.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Twilight Phenomenon

There are tons of different kinds of writers. And at least twice as many kinds of readers. And since the invention of the printing press, readers have not denied how much they enjoy pulp fiction. Hey-- I love a good guilty pleasure as much as the next reader.

So, when I first heard about Twilight, I thought, fine. Fun. But I've got to admit, I thought flash in the pan. That was 2006. Now it's 2010, and over 17 million copies have been sold. That's one formidable flash in the pan.

Then I read the first book. Because who was I to judge?
Well, after reading it, I can tell you. I am to judge. Because the book is terrible, guys. The flat characterization. The heavy-handed storytelling. I can't enjoy it on a guilty pleasure level, because it's just that bad. It's the first title I rated 1 star on Goodreads. But no one else seems to agree with me. No one.

Here's me, yelling.
Me: Hello! (Echo: hello. hello.)
Anyone out there? (out there. out there.)
Am I the ONLY one who thinks Twilight is terrible? (No response.)

The other thing is, this book isn't only loved by swoony teens, oh no. The Twilight Moms have taken over. And they're terrifying. Because they can, you know, vote. They drive cars. They have power, you guys. They run the freakin PTA.

What's going on? I can't tell you how many of my teacher and writer friends (who I totally respect, by the way) have partaken of the Twilight Kool-aid. It's out of control.

Even if the madness is no where near stopping (seeing as we still have another movie or two I think?) can someone please explain what's going on? It's like the emperor has no pulse. And also, he can't go out in direct sunlight or his skin will look like diamonds.

I'd put a message in a bottle, but I think my cries for help might fall on deaf ears.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Everyone could use a little cuteness in their Monday.

So I give you: puppies... in costumes.

Aaaaggghh! Did you see that dog on the left with the donut???

And now.. one of the most brilliant segments on Conan, "Puppies Dressed as Cats."

Bonus: A baby in a costume. How ridiculously cute/un-PC is this?!
I couldn't resist.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Here's my favorite version of America the Beautiful, sung by Ray Charles.
(A close second is Haley Mills in Pollyanna, singing in the armless flag bodysuit.)

Sept. 1972, Dick Cavett Show.

Something about this version just makes my heart swell. Happy 4th of July!
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