Saturday, May 13, 2006

We saw Mission Impossible 3 last night,

and in honor of how great Philip Seymour Hoffman was, I wanted to create a personality quiz for some of the interesting roles he's played over the years. The good news is that you can take this quiz. The bad news is that every quiz-creating website I found wouldn't work for this type of quiz, so it's not electronic. But I will not be defeated! You can either use your memory, or you might have to take it the old-fashioned way and write your results on paper. I know.... but here it is!

Which Philip Seymour Hoffman character are you?

1. Describe yourself in one word:
A: helpful
B: discerning
C: observant
D: strong
E: authoritative
F: offbeat

2. At a party, you would be:
A: alone at the food table
B: running the music
C: telling a great story
D: sealing a deal
E: circulating/shmoozing
F: cracking jokes

3. Which place do you like the best?
A: San Fernando Valley
B: San Diego
C: New York
D: any city in the world
E: Vermont
F: Oklahoma

4. The only down-side to your job is:
A: boring and distasteful routine
B: no one appreciates your genius
C: the troubling psychosis
D: no down-time
E: you're broke
F: paying for gas money

5. Your favorite film genre is:
A: ensemble drama
B: coming-of-age comedy
C: documentary
D: action
E: dark humor
F: adventure

You mostly answered:

A: You are Phil Parma, male nurse in the film Magnolia. You take care of others, and are somewhat shy. Take a chance and say what YOU really want. Try it the next time you call in an order for delivery.

B: You are the self-proclaimed "uncool" yet ultra-cool radio personality, rock critic Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. You are smart, funny, slightly neurotic, and couldn't live without music. You have helpful advice to share with a young friend.

C: You are the quiet, insightful author, Truman Capote. You are tender and compassionate of those who are troubled, yet sometimes get too involved emotionally.

D: You are Owen Davian, international weapons dealer in Mission Impossible 3. You crave action and violence, and even though you don't have a conscience, you are officially bad-ass.

E: You are Joseph Turner White, director of "The Old Mill" in State and Main. You're creative and confident, but be careful--don't let the people with the money for your project push you around.

F: You are Dustin Davis, maniacal, but lovable storm-chaser in the film Twister. While some may not get you, you are the life of a party, and definitely one-of-a-kind.
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