Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tonight I started thinking about female superheroes,

and while I am not a comic expert by any means, I couldn't think of a single red-headed female superhero.

Don't worry, an extensive google search alleviated my concern for the lack of flaming-haired superpowered vixens.
Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Firestar. This one Nathan knew right off the top of his head! Formerly Angelica Jones, she is a mutant superhero originally created for the animated series Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.

2. Ginger Powerpuff. No, not a superhero per se, but a redhead who fights evil nonetheless.

3. Goblin Queen. A.K.A. Madelyne Pryor-Summers, an evil clone of Jean Grey.

4. Vindicator. A.K.A. Heather Hudson, the leader of the Canadian team Alpha Flight.

5. Nathan says Rogue has reddish-colored hair in certain lights.

6. Josie, of Josie and the Pussycats.

7. Barbara “Babs” Gordon. Oracle, formerly Batgirl.

8. Princess Python. A.K.A. Zelda DuBois.

9. Phoenix, formerly Jean Grey.

10. Hellcat. I can’t tell if she’s good or bad, sounds bad, right?

Interestingly enough, Hellcat was formerly Patsy Walker, of the teen romantic-comedy comics “Patsy and her Pals."


futuristguy said...

Harooh! Hoorah! Hooray!

And did you know that something like only 1 out of 15 Caucasians have [naturally] red hair?!

I think that's super ...

... and I think you're super!


futuristguy said...

nawww ... I KNOW you're super!

amy said...

Thanks, Brad! I know that you are gggrrrreat! (in a Tony the Tiger voice)

e said...

amy...i love this post...and...if you halloween...i will come to austin...and we could all dress up as red-headed superheros...and go booty dancin'..cause i know y'all haven't done that in a while!

amy said...

Yes! I was just thinking about how you took us all booty dancin downtown and how much fun it was. We should do it again, maybe even sooner than Halloween!

Catherine said...

What a great post. I have red hair and am going to a fancy dress (costume) party tomorrow and was looking for inspiration. Your post provided it- i'm thinking a powerpuff girl not sure though- hmmmm- it's tough. Thanks anyway a great post!

Anonymous said...

hey! my name is grace, thanks so much for putting these super heroes up! i have a super heroes party to go to in a few weeks, i have long red hair an thought oh i should go as some one that looks like me! but could i think of any? nope! so thanks heaps! i think i might go as jean gray, but i will think about it! yeh just thought i ould say thanks!

watkins-42 said...

Ohmygod, ok I don't know you and you don't know me BUT. I have a story to tell you. Alright, I am in band [woot woot] and we are having this big yearly thing called Caboret. It's a HUGE thing the senior band does every year. ANYWAY, this year the theme is Superheroes so, naturally, I'm trying to find a [female] superhero to dress up as. I have red hair SO it would make sense for the superhero to have red hair! ok on with my story, I googled Redhead Superheroes and then your site came up and BAM!! You have this LIST of them! So you pretty much rock! haha Thanks so much! Even though it was obviuosly not intentional! ANYWAY, I should stop taking up your "comment box" space or whatever:P Thanks again, :)

Anonymous said...

Hellcat is good, ma'am.

Peng said...

I believe you left out any of the variations of Starfire, as well as Rachel Summers (who ended up with a neater costume than either of her parents in my opinion). Great list though! :)

Catfighter said...

Marvel Girl, Marvel comics flagship female crimefighter.

Dazzler, Thundra, Dakota North, Medusa, Wasp, Shooting Star, Scarlet Witch, Knockout, Looker, Mantra, Gen 13, Black Widow, Tigra, Batwoman, Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman, Wonder Girl, Thorn, Girl Flash and Whisper.

And... ElastiGirl, of The Incredibles.

And multitudinous others galore...

Americans, Caucasians, Inhumans, Apokalyptans, Thanagarians, Amazons, Femizons and multitudinous others galore.

amy said...

@Catfighter-- Thanks! You know far more than I about superheros.

Wait a second-- are you a superhero? Do you also have red hair? If so, please let me know and I'll be happy to add your name.

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