Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Favorites, vol. 47

1. clear plastic umbrellas

2. tulle
Just because we didn't all grow up to be ballerinas doesn't mean that we can't all enjoy tulle.

I'm making some tutus this weekend using this tutorial. They aren't for me. I promise to explain more later.

Please pardon the cheesy opening music -- the tutorial is great!

3. fried pickles
(Especially dipped in ranch dressing.)
And everyone knows that fried pickle spears > fried pickle chips. It all comes down to the pickle-to-breading-ratio.

4. herb gardens on windowsills
Which I know is oddly specific.

BONUS: Because I'm sort of over the whole "fail" thing, but these photos are hilarious.

5. Arcade Fire

My ever-talented, ever-marvelous husband picked up two of the ever-elusive Arcade Fire tickets today. The show is the EXACT same day as his birthday in two months. I couldn't have thought up a more perfect birthday present.

One of my favorite Arcade Fire songs of all time:

My favorite micro poem

After Weeks of Watching the Roof Leak
by Gary Snyder

After weeks of watching the roof leak
I fixed it tonight
by moving a single board.


I adore this poem because it's how I feel when I put things off. This morning I took care of a task I've been putting off for about month. It took less than twenty minutes. Does this ever happen to you?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Dose of Cuteness, vol. 22

Cutest and by far the best acceptance speech of the Oscars last night.

Congratulations to Luke Matheny for winning the Academy Award for his brilliant short film God of Love.


P.S. Thanks to Joanna Goddard for the links.
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