Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good News/Bad News

Good News: Everyone I talked to this weekend (by everyone, I mean agents) asked for me to go ahead and send my proposal packages to them. Proposal packages include a query letter, synopsis, and first two/three chapters or so.

Bad News: I don't have said proposal packages....yet.

Good News: Repeat: I did make connections with very receptive and friendly potential agents.

Bad News: They all said I need to finish my book before sending them anything.

Good News: The editor that I had a consultation session with wanted me to pitch my book to her.

Bad News: I didn't know how to pitch, and could only babble and beg her to look at my first page.

Good News: She read my first page very attentively and then said, "The good news is that this is great."

Bad News: She went on to say, "The bad news is that I can't use it. The imprint of my publishing house is looking to acquire young adult fiction that is multi-cultural."

Good News: She said some other highly positive things that I will remember when I get rejection letters in the near future.

More Good News: I ran into a friend who used to work at Dobie, and she is also working on young adult fiction. We plan to hook up soon to share work.

Even More Good News: I learned so much and feel motivated to work toward my goal of finishing this summer, ideally END OF JULY. That way I can send my proposals to agents I met in a timely manner.

You may notice that in the end, I have more Good News than Bad News.
That is the good news.
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