Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 24

1. bubble wrap

BONUS: Bubble Wrap app

2. flutter sleeves

3. window boxes

4. Pushing Daisies
Netflix recommended this show to us, and we looooove it. Nathan said that if Tim Burton made a TV show, it would be this. I couldn't agree more.

5. accordion pleated skirts

BONUS: accordions

Yes, Joan Holloway plays the accordion. And by Joan, I mean Christina Hendricks. As if you needed another reason to love her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

girl crush

How much do you love Marion Cotillard? I first saw her in A Very Long Engagement, along with Audrey Tautou, (one of my other girl crushes). She's unforgettable in La Vie En Rose, in which she completely earned her Oscar for her genius portrayal of Edith Piaf.
You may have also seen her pretty face in Inception.

But, have you seen her latest photoshoot for Vogue?

I aspire to shoot photos like these: gorgeous girl, gorgeous location, gorgeous lighting, gorgeous styling, et cetera et cetera.

Interview can be read here.
Photographed by Mario Testino.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Dose of Cuteness, vol. VII

You guys. Did you know that kids love Flo Rida? I'm talking LOVE. I can personally attest to this because our little 3-year-old godson will break out the most awesome dance moves to Low. At least I think it's called Low. It might be Low-Low-Low. Can anyone confirm? Just kidding.
These kids aren't kidding, though. They are VERY serious about their Flo Rida.

This last one may or may not have been filmed on a camera phone. But it's got some killer moves!
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