Friday, February 21, 2003


I just realized it has been a month, yes a month!, since my last blog... which is entirely too long. A month isn't too long when it comes to dying your hair. But blogging? Different story.

I partly blame my job, which if you're someone I talk to on any sort of regular, or even semi-regular basis, you already know. It's basically shaving years off my life. Now, I know it is a very noble thing to teach middle-school kids who live in the ghetto. Just maybe not my very noble thing? Actually, what's killing me is the politics and test-driven agenda, not the sweet lil gangstas, as I affectionately call them.

Today I got a contract agreement to sign on for next year, which I plan to sign and return, even though I know in my heart that I may not be there in the fall. I was meant to be an interior designer, I know it! That sounds like someone who drops out of medical school to become a Mary Kay Representative, I know. I can hear myself. But, if I don't start doing something creative soon, I may forget how to be creative altogether. Like a language you don't speak for a long time. It feels that serious to me.
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