Monday, January 24, 2005

I feel like I should blog,

if for no other reason than that my last entry was one month ago.
Jeez. I'm sorry to anyone who still reads this.

Updates with me:
1. School is more than half over for the year.

2. I've been watching a lot of prime time television.

3. I've been to two (required) workshops in the last three days, and substitute teachers, God love them, can't seem to manage my students. My students, God love them, can't seem to behave for a sub. I wish they both would, and make my life easier.

4. Abigail escaped from under the patio fence the other night, forcing us to board up the space and to wonder if she really is unhappy at home.

5. I have misplaced the book I'm halfway through reading, but I refuse to buy it again and I refuse to pay my library fines.

6. Why is Proactive Solution so expensive?

7. Our Christmas tree is still up.

8. I really should pay my library fines.

9. One of my goals is to blog more than once a month. Here's hoping.


Emily said...

I'm sure Abigail is happy at home! I bet she's just going through some sort of rebelious phase in her life that shall soon pass. =)

On another note, if I could blog every day I would, because there's always a story or situation that happens to me during the day that makes me say, "It's going in the blog!" But I either never get around to it, or end up doing it not as well in detail about a week or 2 later. So that's sort of one of my goals, too: to blog more (at least a couple times a month).

Miss and love you! mwah!

shannon said...

i am glad you blogged!

Anonymous said...

It's about time, geez. Everyday I come and look, and hope that there is a funny story, or an update on your life, and I've been so disappointed for the last month. You shouldn't go that long again, because it just makes me sad. (this is sister amy - sorry I had to post anonymously). And I love you and miss you both. Maybe I'll come visit you this summer, and we can have lots of fun knitting.

amy said...

Wow. I feel so affirmed that one lovely friend and two lovely sisters responded so quickly to my post! Yay! I love all of you, and yes, we should get together for a knitting party immediately. Did you know that all THREE of you lovelies knit? It must be fate.

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