Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm taking a rare, quiet moment

at work to blog. I hardly ever do this because I always have so many things on my mental "TO DO" list. But for some strange reason, everything is done. Crazy.

This morning I stopped to get a quick cup of coffee at the Tigermarket (or is it Tigermart?) one minute away from school. I usually stop in there when I haven't made my coffee at home, or when the line at Starbucks is out to the parking lot.

As I walked in, the man at the counter said to another cashier, "And here is our little schoolteacher who comes in every morning for coffee." I couldn't help but smile, even though technically, I only get coffee there about once a week. And since we've never discussed my profession, he must think that I LOOK like a teacher. Why do I like that?

I decided that I want to stop there and get coffee more often. They do have different blends of coffee, one cup costs one-fourth that of a Starbucks latte, and the cashier not only remembers me, he knows something about me. Next time I go in there, I'll have to find out his name.

Being friendly feels nice. Wouldn't our country be such a different place if people were just friendly with each other?

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rodger said...

Does Nathan know you get starbucks? :>)

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