Saturday, March 12, 2005

I was just lollygagging around on the IMDB

and ran across a cartoon series from the '80s that I used to love.... The Wuzzles, animals that were half one animal, and half another, such as Eleroo and Bumblelion.

This, of course, made me remember tons of other fantastically crappy, low-budget, ridiculously-plotted, fabulous cartoons from the '80s. Remember any of these?
Just a few of the ones I used to love:
The Get-along Gang
The Snorks
The Bisketts
The Shirtales
Pound Puppies
Muppet Babies
The Littles
The Popples
My Little Pony

I also watched these shows, thanks to my brother:

I'm sure there were more. Just thinking of these really takes me back.


Emily said...

Classic cartoons! But hey, you can't forget other shows that may not have been animated but had puppets instead. Like Fraggle Rock!!! That was awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Those weren't crappy. Tries these on for size:
and of course -
Thundar the Barbarian

God I Love Hanna Barbara....

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