Saturday, March 05, 2005

Reasons I'm feeling very happy right now...

1. Spring Break is only one week away.
2. Even though we have temporarily lost our blog pics (see left) I have not, I repeat HAVE NOT lost my book that I was storing on the idisk. Which I am no longer storing on the idisk.
3. Just picked up a sound machine from the Sharper Image to play nice noise to fall asleep to.... Ahhh. Our favorite right now is fireside, which makes a wonderfully crackly sound.
4. I'm watching a bunch of the behind-the-scenes footage of the Lord of the Rings. Fantastic.
5. I just found a half-full box of Thin Mints in the back of the pantry.
6. I am right now eating the Thin Mints with a glass of cold milk.


Emily said...

It's been a terrific Tuesday! Reasons why:

1. Graduation invitations plus the cap and gown came in! (yay!)

2. Tiffany has been happier and we've gotten closer!

3. I have the sweetest boyfriend ever!

4. American Idol comes on tonight!

5. I am not busy tonight! I finally get time to do things! yay!

Love you and miss you! mwah!

Anonymous said...

muhself, i'm a huge fan of thin mints, long as they're found in the pantry and not under the pillows on the couch, in which case, the archaeological provenance may be suspicious enough to forgoe the eating thereof. (note that i only said "may be" ...) - bradski

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