Friday, August 26, 2005

Second week of school

and things are going swimmingly. My classes are finally down to one desk for every kid, (up until now I've had students sitting at the computer tables and around the perimeter of my room). And even though I issued my first discipline referral, I feel like the year is off to a fantastic start.

I'm taking on a few new things this year: mentoring two teachers who are new to Dobie, and teaching a jewelry-making class after school, and a knitting club (called Knit Wits) for our club days on Fridays. My students from last year and the year before are all a foot taller, cuter than ever, and love me more than they ever did when I was in charge of them. Which I guess, is the way it works, right?


Anonymous said...

third years are the best, eh?

sounds like tis off to a smashing start!

and what of violet these days?


Emily said...

Hey sis! Lovin' college life over here! Maybe sometime down the road you can come and visit moi!

Have a wonderful year at school this year! I'm already excited about the classes I will get to teach someday! (awww) =)

Love you! Mwah!

-Prien (thats what everyone has been calling me down here! But I love it!)

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