Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Would I sound absolutely insane

if I said that I am right now watching the remake of the Parent Trap with Linsay Lohan and it's actually winning me over with its cuteness?

Well, I am, and it is.

I can't believe that this spunky little red-head has joined the ranks of the trashy, post-adolescent Hollywood actresses who make B-List movies and even worse radio smut. How is it that this adorable, promising little starlet grew up to be friends with the likes of Paris Hilton?

Lindsay, if you're listening, I believe you can redeem yourself. It's not too late for you.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I agree! C'mon Lindsay, we will support you!!!

That's cool, because I was ALSO watching her one-hit wonder the other night! (ABC Family? hehe)

Talk to you later big sis! Mwah! <3

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