Monday, April 24, 2006

Worst job ever

We got to talking the other day about what would REALLY be the worst possible job. Here are the results of our discussion:

Me: anybody working for the IRS
Nathan: the guy who collects the used grease from fast-food places
Lora: still thinking...
Stacy: a deodorant tester
Jenny: the port-a-potty guy


Amy Russell said...

I think i have to agree with Jenny.

e said...

i keep trying to think of something grosser than the port-o-potty guy...and i can't...jenny's it is!

brad said...

hey ya'll. wow. great 'family night' discussion and revelation question. wish i'd been there!

anyhoo, all equally thought out and valid responses. all equally stinky in their own way.

no way to top this list -

... except to perhaps contract the scope to churchy jobs. to which my response is (after four days of think/praying 'bout this) is ...


... sunday morning greeter.

yikes-a-doodle! and, oh-puleez - - nevuh!

the end.

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