Monday, September 04, 2006

Top 5, okay 3, Patriotic Movies that Make You Feel Good about Our Country

I tried to think of 5, so that I would have a nice round number, but could only think of 3. So, here they are, my top 3 Patriotic Movies...

1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
2. The American President
3. Dave

Aren't these great movies? For some reason, I love them, and they make me want to stand up and sing in the spirit of Pollyanna, "Amerrrrica, Amerrrrica, God shed her grace on theeeee, and crooooown thy gooood with brrrraaaaaaaatherhood, from seeea to shinnniiiing seeea!"


Stacy said...

How can you forget Independence Day???

Seriously though, I would add a second nod to Mr. Capra for Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

some chick said...

damn. stacy beat me to it - I was going to say Independence Day.

amy said...
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amy said...

Thanks guys. Maybe it's Will Smith, but I constantly mix up Independence Day with Men in Black. Wait... are they both about aliens?

e said...

um...i waited because i didn't want to post the first comment with the obvious...but...nobody has mentioned the 1996 classic patriotic movie...

beavis and butthead do america.

where IS your national pride?

Emily said...

remember the last time you WATCHED pollyanna? i believe it was at my house! i mean, our house :-) I think I would've spelled it "BRAWtherhood"..hehe

i love you!!!

Anonymous said...

You and yur friends are all obvious AIRHEADS! War is not fun or funny, and the movies you have picked as being ones that make you patriotic are all just a bunch of idiotic drivel, although entertaining in their own right. How about movies like
Schindlers List
Bridge On The River Kwai
Hotel Rwanda
The Great Escape
Saving Private Ryan
Seargent York
All Quiet On the Eastern Front
Best Years of Out Lives
The Fighting Sullivans
From Here To Eternity
Pearl Harbor
Wind Talkers
Green Berets

Just to name a few!

These were movies about real men and women who fought to preserve everything the US stands for as a people and as a nation. Many of them died for what they beleived in and were proud to do so. That is the same with this war. There is no draft today, so every man and woman who is elisted and serving in any arm of the armed services is there because they believe in what they are fighting for, and are proud do do so and to die doing so. You can have your opinions about the war itself, but DO NOT EVER say anything against those who are serving so that you will continue to have the right to have those opinions. You obviously do not know anyone who is or has loved ones serving, but if you did, just a simple conversation with any of them would make you change your attitude. Just ask your parents.
Thanks for listening, or if this hits too close to home, as I am sure it does, just delete it, as I am sure you are the only one who should have any opinions about anything. I have seen some responses have already been deleted.

amy said...

Um...I think I deleted my own post earlier because it had a typo.

Also, I was posting "Patriotic Movies that Make You Feel Good about OUR Country" which explains why I didn't automatically think of Braveheart or Spartacus.

I definitely should have included Saving Private Ryan, because that is a fantastic movie. I think I saw it three times in the theater. I actually took my dad to see it. He, by the way, served over 25 years in the Air Force. He liked it. I mean, he liked serving in the Air Force, as well as the movie.

I disagree with you, however on the Ben Affleck atrocity Pearl Harbor, because let's be honest. The movie sucked big time.

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