Monday, October 02, 2006

Best voicemail ever.

This morning I saw the little annoying blinking light on my phone telling me that I not only had one, but two messages. While I am inundated with email throughout the day, it is a rare occasion to get voicemail messages, and the majority of them are either hang-ups, or parents who are very angry--and vocal about their anger--who demand that I call them back right away. I know my return phone calls will almost always end well, but I digress. Voicemail blinking lights are NOT a welcome sign.

To my surprise and delight, I was wrong.
This is the transcript of the two voicemail messages that I hope to keep forever.

Hi Mrs. Russell.
I love you, Mrs. Russell.
You are my favorite teacher.

This is Casandra and Jayla...
We just wanted to know...hi!
I mean, we just wanted to SAY hi. (laughter in background)
And we love you.


some chick said...

too cute.

e said...

Mrs. Russell...i guess they aren't ALL bad...and...i think you're a bad ass

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