Tuesday, November 14, 2006


That's me. Not feeling good. Not good at all. Stuffy, sneezy, glands-swollen-y.

At least if I have to really take a day off, I have three great subs I can call in as backup.
Well, I'll only have to call in one of them.


some chick said...

are you taking airborne?

amy said...

Yes, actually.
But this stuff is serious. I'll find out tomorrow at the doctor what exactly it is, and maybe some prescription meds along with my trusty airborne will do the trick.

Amy said...

If they don't give you meds at the doctor, and you still feel like crap i recommend sudafed maximum strength 24 hour cold and sinus. It's kinda pricy, i did have to sign my life away to buy it (just in case i wanted to make some meth instead of fight my cold), but one little pill helped so much. All day long. And i didn't feel drugged like on Dayquill/Nyquill.

I hope you feel better. Happy Thanksgiving soon. And i love you.

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