Sunday, January 14, 2007

My book is finished! Well...mostly.

Yes, you read correctly. I finished the last chapter of my book this last week!

The only problem is, I can tell there are some things that need re-tweaking. This may come from the fact that all the beginning and middle chapters have been revised SO MANY times, and the latest ones at the end are still a bit rough.
Right now I am in the process of reworking the last few chapters, adding pieces that may be missing, and slowing down the pacing, to make sure it really matches the rest of the book.
Not too difficult, because all that really means is that I'm expanding what's already there, adding little scenes or lengthening the amount of dialogue, etc.

My goal now is to really have a strong, basically "finished" draft in the next two weeks. I also need to put together my proposal package, with query letter, synopsis, and all that. As of now, the game plan is to send out proposals to ten different agents every six weeks. I'm bracing myself for lots and lots of rejection letters. Honestly, that's just part of the process. I know that my writing is strong enough that eventually someone will be interested in picking me up. My optimistic outlook says it's only a matter of time.


some chick said...

when he started out, stephen king used to stick all his rejection letters on a large nail on the wall next to his typewriter, to remind him that the more rejection letters he received was that many more times he had actually submitted something.

you can't get a rejection letter without sending something out.

congrats. let us know when you're "done done" and we'll open some bubbly with you, cross-coast.

Debra said...

I look forward to reading the book! Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I'm soo very proud of you.

erika said...

somebody's "the shit" and i'm pretty sure it's you...congrats...i have a friend who needs your advice...he's pretty close to finishing his book...and doesn't have a clue what to do...and your experience with the process so far might be helpful to him...can i email him your info...

amy said...

Thanks, friends!
I very much appreciate the encouragement. I'm working hard to be "done done" as Kristen says, and it's close, verrrrrry close.

E- Feel free to email him my address. No problem!

Emily said...

Amy! I'm SO proud of you! (Used up that Starbucks gift card yet? hehe) Good luck these next couple of weeks..I know you said you're "bracing yourself," but I think your book is so very great that it won't take long at all! I love you and you're awesome! : )

brad said...

re: writing.

some say that "writing" is really about "re-writing," so, it would seem you are closing in now on the best parts of your imagination as you zone in on the re-write.

congratulations! what a wonderful accomplishment!

and please put me on your list to purchase one of the first edition, special autographed copies!

plus could you add paw-prints by abigail the wonder dog and maisy the wonder pup! and umm... maybe a signed pop-photo of nathan as bo bice, on a blank cd, too, just so it will round out everything...

(p.s. did you try to sell the broken fan blade on eBay yet?)

amy said...

Thanks, Brad! You know, you were one the first people to read my early drafts three years ago, and give me feedback! Those beginning chapters have come a long way, but I still think you'll recognize them.

By the way, I tried to look at your blog, and I see you have some different blogs going on, but I can't get to any! What a bummer. Can you tell me the correct address?

brad said...

ohmuhgosh. haven't blogged since halloween, but oh well. perhaps will be picking up blogging agin. soon. main blog:

meanwhile, i keep plugging away at the mega-project of a system of figuring out paradigms and cultural systems and blahdee-blah-dee-blah. but it's GOOD blahdee-blad-dee-blah. at least, i think it's kept me alive to have a good b-b-d-b focus ...

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