Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More good news for Violet.

Today I got an email from my potential agent who said that she loves my manuscript (yay!) but that it's not done (well, true!) and she asked me to think about writing 2-3 chapters to complete the book.
I sent her back an email that apologized for neglecting to mention (oops!) that I'm planning this as the first installment in a series.
I also told her that I'm working on my second book, which (thank goodness!) I've already begun.

I'll let you guys know what she says from there. She might not be interested, but I'm thinking good thoughts and listening to lots of Beyonce.


Brad said...

hip-hip-hooray and hallelujah!

great news!

lucky 13s for violet! (... and oceans 11++?! - we'll find out this summer ...)

you are amymazing!

amy said...

Thanks, Brad!
You have always been so supportive.
You were around to read the early stages, and I can't wait for you to see the final book!

e said...

all the women...independent...throw your hands up at me...

you go girl.

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