Friday, October 05, 2007

I've come to a crucial decision.

When I become a best-selling author, and Nathan and I buy the house of our dreams, it's going to have a self-cleaning kitchen.

If self-cleaning kitchens aren't available and/or invented at that time, I may have to personally contact the United States Patent Office. I mean, this is a great idea. And anyway, they had one on the Jetsons.

I think if you have a really good contractor, he/she should be able to modify a kitchen such as this one into a self-cleaning kitchen, no problem. Minus the wicker chairs, obviously.


some chick said...

there is one way to get a self-cleaning kitchen and once you're a famous author you'll be able to afford it, in the house of your dreams - you hire someone else to do it.

you know about nanowrimo? i've decided to do it this year. gulp.

amy said...

What an excellent point!

And yes, I've heard about the National Novel Writing Month (or something close to that). In fact, I was just talking with one of my teacher/writer friends about it. Good for you that you're taking the plunge. (Pardon the lame-o metaphor.)

I'm only about 20 pages into my second book, and I'm thinking about trying to follow along as well, to motivate me and keep me on track.
You have to tell me what you decide to write about, and let me know how it goes.

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