Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This morning on NPR

I heard about this fabulous new reality show that's huge in Canada right now.
Get this: they take professional hockey players and figure skaters and team them up to learn routines and compete on the ice.

It's called Battle of the Blades.
If you want, you can hear the segment for yourself here.

Sounds interesting.
Sounds entertaining.
Sounds familiar.

Also, did you notice what that says across the top?
Contemporary... classics.
Really, MGM?
Because if The Cutting Edge is considered a Classic, I'm thinking Miley Cyrus deserves a lifetime achievement award. Look into it.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell my mom that Cutting Edge is not a classic, because she will cut you (with the edge of something). I have seen that movie with her over 100 times, and she still cries at the end.

david brown said...


Amy said...

Maybe I'll watch those HockeyBoys :)

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