Friday, January 15, 2010

Sickies, SWF, and my theory on why some scary movies are really scary

Nathan is sick-- and so tonight we got right down to business with a Single White Female marathon, thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly.
First, the classic that started it all.

Second, the even trashier, more poorly acted and poorly scripted (if you can believe it) sequel,
bursting with gems like: "It's just so humiliating when you fall in love with someone who sleeps with your roommate."

Up next, the much-anticipated (which neither one of us has seen) Single Black Female.

Yes, all three of these cinema masterpieces can be found on Netflix Watch Instantly.
You're welcome.

In the meantime, I was thinking about how scary movies with a psychopathic killer are really much scarier than slashers or movies with ghosts, zombies or any of the like.
I think it's because we've all met someone in real life who is just unbalanced enough that you get that whole "yep, they could snap at any moment and take us all out with a double barrel shotgun" vibe.
So, I give you some of the true cinema horror classics, all with maniacal killers in the lead roles:

Where we learn that hotelsitting in the blizzard season is a bad idea.

Where we learn that stealing a suitcase full of money is a bad idea.

Where we learn that being rescued in a blizzard by your "Number One Fan" is a bad idea.

Where we learn that stealing an envelope full of money and then hiding out in a run-down, vacant motel is a bad idea.

Where we learn that one psychopathic killer can help you find another psychopathic killer.

Where we learn that you should always be sure to check on the children.

So many of these lessons are related to hotels, stealing money and blizzards. Interesting.
Mmmm. Blizzards.

Something tells me that Nathan would probably go for a Blizzard.
Him being sick and all.


katydid972 said...

I have only seen two of these, but I like Blizzards.

amy said...

Which two have you seen? Because unless you just hate scary movies, these are all really, really good. We could totally have a scary movie night, complete with pizza at our place!

Kendi Lea said...

Sometimes I say that I'm going to "Single White Female you" when I copy something that someone wears. Most people get freaked out by it, but I didn't say that I was going to "humiliate them by sleeping with their roommate's boyfriend," or "Single White Female 2 you." I figure most people just don't get the reference or maybe they are scared that I'm going to kill them.

So can I come over and eat blizzards with you and Kathryn? I'll promise to not take either one of your identities.

amy said...

Kendi! Obviously you can come over and watch scary movies with us and eat Blizzards. Actually, I was envisioning pizza and beer, followed by Blizzards for dessert.
In other news, I miss you!

Amy Russell (sister) said...

After watching the very disappointing Paranormal Activity, I said pretty much the same thing to Aaron - that scary movies such as Silence of the Lambs or The Shining are much more terrifying, because they actually happen. I wish i was close enough to come watch scary movies with you too. you guys really need to move here. Or at least to Denver, that's within driving distance.

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