Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gotta get myself connected.

You guys. I'm out of town at a week-long training and the hotel doesn't have free wifi. So I thought, "Sure. I'm strong. I can handle this. It's only five days, right?"

Not so much. I've found that I need the internet. I need to be connected. I need to be able to chat, to blog and check the blogs of others, to look incessantly at Facebook where I can read silly updates from friends I had in junior high, to at a moment's notice reference IMDB, Amazon, Twitter, Awkward Family Photos, Goodreads, Modcloth, and most of all, Netflix Watch Instantly.

I need, if I want, to be able to watch the Tupperware Judge Judy (and show it to my friend/coworker/hotel roomie, who had never seen it).
I need these things. And I'm not ashamed.

No, I've never cared much for sports, but what if I really, really wanted to check in with the World Cup that's taking over the...well... World? How would I do that without the internet?

When my friend/coworker/hotel roomie tells me about amazing websites like Post Secret, I need to have access to them right away.

I only made it one day, you guys. Internet is $9.95 a day. And may I just say that a wave of relief washed over me when I clicked online? It felt so right.
Will I be able to slowly wean myself off?
Do I need a full-on intervention?
Should I be next in line for You're Cut Off?

P.S. Charlie bit my finger. See? Another reason I need the internet.


David said...

They can't bill 5 days of internet to the school district?

amy said...

I'm working on it. But it seems that I should be able to claim that I need internet for my writing, huh?

Beatriz said...

Ugh, I totally feel you! We finally got our internet connected. We moved to our new place a week ago... I've been sneaking off to starbucks!

Hope you're having a great week Love!


amy said...

Thanks, B-- It's kind of pathetic just how addicted to the internet I've realized I am. But there are much worse addictions out there, so it's ok, right? :)

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