Thursday, August 05, 2010

One of the greatest feelings ever.

This is Freckles.

Freckles has stayed for the past three months with Meg, the woman who owns the doggy day care where we board our pups. Freckles' previous owner was an elderly woman who had a stroke and had to move to assisted living. When Meg asked if we might know anyone who could give Freckles a home, I immediately thought of our Kerrville friends whose parents LOVE dachshunds!

Well, luckily, our friends' mom was not only willing to take in Freckles, she was also passing through the area on her way home from Dallas today(!). So keep your fingers crossed that Freckles has found his forever home.

Freckles is doing really well in his new home! He's having fun romping and playing with his new bud Daisy (their other dachshund) and has enjoyed meeting the whole family, including grandkids. Our friends said he appears "happy and content" in his new home. Yay!


livin wide said...

love how fate works its magic. fingers are crossed!

mystylescript said...

good seeing you again yesterday amy!!

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