Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Favorites, vol. 26

1. lots of lashes

2. card catalogs

And, my personal favorite use of a card catalog, and the way I'd use one if I ever got my hands on one:

3. belted dresses

4. vw beetles

5. teacups with saucers

BONUS: Florence and the Machine

What can I say? They're my current favorite band. Their debut album is the kind of record that you hit repeat the second it's over. My current favorite songs are The Dog Days Are Over, Drumming Song, and Cosmic Love.

What bands are you listening to these days?


Anonymous said...

I am a closeted nerd. I LOVE card catalogs.

Oh, and you should get yourself a statement necklace!

Kayla said...

It's like your in my head. Everything you named especially the lashes right now.

I've been on a big Arcade Fire kick. Which is kinda odd for me. But so good.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

chelsea said...

Loving all these!
As for music, I've been into a really eclectic mix lately. Strawberry Alarmclock, Claudine Longet, Patti Smith, and Tom Waits have been in heavy rotation.

Jenni said...

ah! that is a genius use for a car catalog. I have always wanted one to put in my craft room, but never know what I would actually put in it.

Justyna said...

love your list, and that tea cups are so sweet and divine!



Jessica said...

This combines two of your faves!

livin wide said...

yay for card catalogs! ours is getting so messy...

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