Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

Our lovely friends Kendi and Bryan were in town a couple weeks ago. (They were also in town this past weekend, but I'm talking about the time before that.) Fantastic, independent designer, Megan Nielsen, had asked Bryan to shoot her fall lookbook, and asked Kendi to style and model her pieces. Bryan picked a really beautiful, secluded spot for the shoot. I tagged along so I could assist them with wardrobe and props, scare big ugly birds away (which I did well), navigate us to the location (which I DIDN'T do well), anything to help. I also brought my little D90 (which I think really needs a name... what about Stella? It just came to me. Or maybe Clementine? Hmmm.)

I'd like to share a few of the shots from my camera... and then will you please help me name her on the right?

Bryan and Kendi are not only wonderful friends, they are ridiculously talented. I mean RIDICULOUSLY talented, you guys. My hubs and I are constantly inspired by their art and their work. Go see for yourself!


Anna said...

her outfits are wonderful!!

cb said...

that sounds like fun! i love her clothes, super cute!!


Linda W said...

Look who's talking! You are so very talented yourself - author, teacher, fabulous reading coach, and now photographer (your pictures are great, by the way). When both couples get together it must be an explosion of creativity!

Kendi Lea said...

Thanks for coming along and helping, friend! BEAUTIFUL photos!

Linda -- it is a creative explosion for sure. Meaning we watch a lot of South Park, Judge Judy and drink a lot of wine.

Also, Amy -- my word verification phrase was nestigib. Random because that is my pet name for Bryan.

amy said...

Linda-- You are too sweet for words!

Kendi-- You're welcome! The Lookbook turned out completely gorgeous!

kelsey said...

I love Kendi and her blog! And Megan is so talented as well. How fun that you got to help out!

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