Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I fully believe.

1. Fashion doesn't have to be painful.

(But sometimes it is, and that's a sacrifice every woman must make.)

2. Tailgating is dumb and it doesn't get you there any faster.

3. It's OK to call in sick.

Even if you're only sort of sick.

4. It's liberating to say no.

5. If you don't love something in the dressing room, chances are you won't love it in your closet.

6. In any situation, there's always a right thing to do.

7. Being a victim isn't a choice, but feeling sorry for yourself is.

Chin up.

8. Writers' block is a label for something else.

9. If you're not sure if something is too short or tight, just ask yourself if Grace Kelly would wear it.

Still not sure? Ask yourself if Audrey Hepburn would wear it.

10. Love is the most important thing on earth.


Eliza Jane said...

I totally agree. Love the picture of the dog, btw! lol (hope your challenge is going well - I gave you a shout out in one of my posts)

amy said...

Thanks, Eliza! And may I just say how impressed I am that you've made it halfway through your 40-day yoga challenge? You're some kind of amazing, girl!

Christi @ Rumination Avenue said...

Inspiring post, just lovely. I wholly agree with number 1.

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