Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the what?!

I was having kind of a crap day when Nathan texted me that my street style blog (The Style Co-Op, the one that the ever-fabulous, ever-stylish Sandhya and I co-operate) was nominated for an Austin Blogger Award!

I seriously feel like one of those first-time actresses who says to the camera, "It's truly an honor just to be nominated. To be in the same category as these other amazing ladies..." etc, etc. Because the other style bloggers in our category have been doing this WAY longer than we have. We've been here since... well, October.

Good luck to everyone! And pssst, if you have a second, we'd love for you to vote for our little Style Co-Op. Well, OK. We'll love you either way.


carmen said...

Congratulations! That is super exciting!

amy said...


chrischaos said...

-cough- voted

amy said...

Thanks, Chris! We 'preciate your support!

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