Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you know about Pinterest?

My lovely and talented cousin-in-law Julie and her hubs (Nathan's cousin, Jason) visited us all last week and we had such a marvelous time. We ate some amazing, delicious food, hung out and chatted, shopped, and had a spontaneous Just Dance tournament. Julie is a graphic designer and has fab taste. She introduced me to Pinterest, and now I'm just a tad obsessed.

It's like eye candy! And while I'm still a huge fan of Weheartit, I find that Pinterest is more clever in that you can categorize the photos. i.e. home, design, photography, style, etc.

If you're not yet on Pinterest, leave a comment below with your email address and I'll send you an invite to join! It's totally free and purely wonderful.
If you ARE on Pinterest, be sure to add me as a friend (I'm "theamyshow") so I can enjoy all your boards, as well.
Happy Pinning!


Anna said...

i blame pinterest for my B in my j301 class... it's so much more fun than studying!


Jessica said...

I would love an invite!

MaybeThisDoor said...

Please send me an invite darling. I'd be much abliged.

amy said...

Anna-- Yes! So much more fun than studying, than cleaning the house, than doing laundry. The list goes on...

Jessica-- Would love to, but I need an email address to send the invite. So I left a comment on your blog to email me your email address. Hope that makes sense! :)

MaybeThisDoor-- Done!

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